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in every game i have ever played that used scripts it ruined the game.. prime example of that is tribes and tribes 2.

i was a sniper in that game. never used any scripts.. i could tell when the other sniper had auto targeting aiming and all those types of scripts.

and yeah anything that gives you an advantage over others that is NOT in the game is cheating.. duh.

whats funny is when you go in team ffa and ffa servers the best players usually are in the middle of scores.

the people who have no skill and use scripts and spam stuff over and over almost always have 10+ more kills then everyone else. they need the self esteem boost i guess, so they can feel good about themselves by seeing a high score.

a few times i have taunted these idiots into fighting normally.. and they are taken down in short work.. because they dont know how to move, they just know how to spam kill moves over and over. one or two guys i fought actually were like " damn.. you are good. can you teach me how to do this or that".

i dont care if i lose.. ive fought guys in duel servers where the guy was so good i lost 20 times in a row.. he didnt use cheap moves over and over he was just good period. what gets me is when people feel the need to cheat and be cheap.. this is one of the major reasons i never play fps quake type games.
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