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Re: hmmm

Originally posted by AB_Legion
I'd like to know how to make a script so you can change keys between Light and dark forces (something that was easier to have in Jk1 oh well)

So... right now I have:

wasd - movement keys
C = Grip
V = Drain
X = Lightning
Z = Speed
R = Push
F = Pull
I want to be able to switch to a light keyset as well... something like:

C = Absorb
V = Heal
X = Protect
I ve got that in stock :

set light_side "echo ^4LIGHT SIDE ;bind v force_heal;bind c force_absorb;bind x force_protect;bind capslock force_healother"

set dark_side  "echo ^1DARK SIDE ;bind v +force_drain;bind c +force_grip;bind x +force_lightning;bind capslock force_rage"

set force_cycle1 "vstr light_side;set force_cycle vstr force_cycle2"
set force_cycle2 "vstr dark_side ;set force_cycle vstr force_cycle1"
set force_cycle vstr force_cycle1
bind F3 vstr force_cycle
if you are not too dumb you should figure out how to edit it and changes to your preferencies ....
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