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*They've done it! Cracken and Grendal have succesfully planed out an attack so well the renforcements would arrive to overwheim and crush the enemy fleet!

Grendal's fleet had arrived! approx 1500 super Deathstars have arrived each jumping out of light speed and now of withs left of crackens fleet and eva just about to leave, all the SDS's open fire onto the front line, creating a massive screen of lasers each of that had the approx 1.5x effectiveness in power that the Akria had*

Grendal talking to Cracken through force with glee: "We have done it, our foes are going to be crushed!"

Cracken relucktantly: "I'm afriad this isnt over yet"

*Suddenly an attack from nowwhere nearly 20% of the super death stars where destroyed!*
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