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OK this is making me sick

To all the people who say "stop whining, blah blah blah moves are easy to counter!"

Your missing the point by a mile.

The thing is, it's not FUN, to "duel" someone who does the same fookin move over and over and over and over. What the hell is the point of even playing someone like that? I don't have fun killing ass fighters, nor do I have fun killing DFA spammers or sweep spammers. I seriously don't know how you can tolerate such idiotic things then turn around and SMILE about it. Jeez, ya must be either the happiest or the most boring people on the planet.

Sure it's just a game and you play to have fun. But after doing the exact same thing for the 50,000th time, the fun factor drops to almost nothing.

I've pretty much stopped playing on public servers and play strictly with my clan. On the very rare occasion will I join a public server, but the sheer volume of losers out there is just disgusting.

80% of the players are either

a) WTF?! YPOU KILLED ME?!! FAG!! (what? like your supposed to be god or something?)
b) spam whores
c) RPG players (ROTFL)
d) ones who enforce the most STUPID rules like "no force push!!!"

or e) l33t hax0r d00ds with their bloody scripts. There's nothing more annoying then getting pulled and hit with a heavy downwards swing EVERY SINGLE TIME. Like, you can't even touch the guy cause the second you swing at him, your on the ground and dead. Even if you have push to counter pull.
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