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Unfortunately, this is how it is.

Many people who play online games:

1) Hate to lose.

2) Hate to learn new things once they are set in their ways (it takes time and effort after all).

3) Hate to admit that there are others out there that might be more experienced, or simply more skilled than they are.

So as a result, when you get a few kills on somebody or really mop the floor with them, instead of saying "good game" and trying to improve and learn from their mistakes that allowed them to lose, they'll complain about lag, or make some other excuse like that you were cheating or using some unbeatable script, or just insult the game mechanics and say a power is "cheap" or "unstoppable."

Most of the time, people simply don't know the counters to things or haven't mastered the timing of various attacks or weapons or powers, and this deficiency they blame on the game or the other player and call them "lame." This is silly. I wrote up a nice strategy page, as many others have done, detailing the basics of the game and some of the tricks to help you become a better player. Anybody can visit Outcast Strategy (in the list of hosted sites on the main page, it's down at the moment though) or any of the other dozen or so strategy pages to learn how to be better. The accusations of "newbie" for everything are also silly. The game will be celebrating its 2 month anniversary in about 4 days and the recent 1.03 patch changed several things that has forced people to relearn portions of the game. There is no shame in simply learning... maybe even admitting that you aren't a JK2 master after your first match. ; )

My philosophy is that instead of whining, people should just start working on their gaming skills, and just admit to themselves that they can't expect to win every single gosh-darn time and shouldn't have to to enjoy themselves. And all this stuff about people insisting that you can only saber duel, those folks need to realize that there's a large number of players that enjoy other gametypes besides just that. It seems a pity that Raven spends all this time putting in all these weapons, force powers, and game types for people to use and then you get folks who whine and complain when you don't want to duel them or lightsaber challenge them in the middle of a battle. I like dueling, but there's a lot more stuff to play, I think that some folks would be better off if they at least gave those other features a shot. It might even make them enjoy the game more!

I just take it in stride, sometimes if I'm feeling nice, I'll give people pointers, and if I really get beaten badly, I'll lose gracefully, rather than try to spoil it for the person who beat me fair and square. If I do something stupid like start typing and get shot or turn my saber off and get bowled over, then I just laugh it off and keep playing. I think the whole kick-voting against good players is incredibly stupid, but there's no way to prevent it when those kinds of people populate servers. I guess the best thing is to just join games with rules you like, and move on if they're being lame.

It's a game, and when it stops being fun because people take it too seriously or act all petty and egostistical, then there's really no point, is there? It's not the game's fault, it's the players. But with all the variety this game provides, I think there should be something for everyone (even those people who mistakenly try to turn it into an RPG, who I think should have their own private servers for that purpose, not try to force it on every public game they join, etc). ; )
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