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They're so avoidable

I've never had a problem with the 1.03 patch at all. The backstab is so easily avoidable. All you've got to do is keep an eye out on whats going on and if they get you its your fault and you should try to find a new tactic. If I see someone running at me backwards I either jump back or run into them and use them like a wall and run up them knocking them down then I kill them. Sometimes a simple backflip or backhandspring will kill them if your saber hits them. And I use darkside powers and find them just as good as the lite powers. You're probably just upset because you were once a drainaholic and now you can't be. But the blocking does need to be lowered a little bit to make it more like singleplayer. I was playing against a bot once with cheats enabled and I was going at him for 10 minutes until I finally hit him and killed him. I like long battles but not that long. Oh and if you see someone running at you backwards THROW YOUR SABER AT THEM and HIT PUSH. It'll do more damage and makes forces them to turn around and attack you. Just be smart stop whining and actually TRY playing the game. Yeesh.

See that stuff there. That is poop, and I made it.
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