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GE is exactly right. JKII multi-player games have become so disgusting because most of the
players run around using the same easy kill spam moves over and over again, endlessly. To
make up for their lack of skill with the saber.

It's not like it's debatable that the backstab and spin move are cheap and completely
unbalanced moves in JKII. Just look at what people do on servers, the proof is in the pudding.
You know something is *grotesquely* wrong with saber combat when players constantly turn
their back to you or run backwards because they know it will likely give them an easy kill,
even against a superior opponent.

In a real light saber duel, turning your back like that would be suicide. You'd die in seconds.

And that's the way it should be in JKII. If some idiot turns his back on you it should open him
to almost certain death. Not be some pathetically unrealistic way for him to get easy kills
by exploiting a huge flaw in the JKII dueling system.

If you don't have the skill to fight and win while dueling in a realistic manner (always keeping
your flanks and back away from the enemy), then you deserve to die. The JKII dueling system
should not be providing a crutch to unskilled players with these cheap exploits in
the dueling system.

Fortunately, it's easy to fix this problem. Just make it so that the backstab and
spin move are modified so that they are vastly more difficult to use, so people can't rely
on them to kill players they can't beat any other way. If necessary, remove them entirely.
Because as it is right now, saber dueling in JKII has become a joke. All you see is lame players
constantly running backwards at you or trying to turn their back on you so they can't get the
almost automatic kill that the backstab and spin moves provide.

I ask that the JK II team *please* fix and/or get rid of these backstab and spin moves.
Turning your back on an enemy in a saber duel should get you killed, not give you easy kills.
Which is what we have right now.
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