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[Lord Deac! Now that's cool!]

You are my most loyal lieutenant, Zassek. You were the mightiest fremen leader who was ready to die at my whim. And now, you are re-born. It is not your place to leave this world yet.

*Deac is informed of the Eva*

Fool! It is powered by evil itself! The dark lord will fall to Darkkiller, the blade of the bone of Deac!

*The sword glows. The Evil one's force's approach. A huge Darktrooper, the new MK3 towers over Deac. Deac, in response to the challenge, enlarges himself and halves it in one swift stroke.*

Evil must be opposed! Come, dark filth Evangelion, polluting the name of beautiful beings is one of thy lesser crimes!

*The Blade glows with lightening* You have merely strong pyshcic abilities. I am an Avatar of the All Father. Prepare to meet thine end!

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