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I love it when other people say the stuff that I only say when I'm mad .

Raven has upset many game communities in the past, believe me, I know. Here's a short history lession .
In 1998, they released Hexenworld for Hexen II; they left it in beta with a crapload of bugs and never finished it to this day. They left the Hexenworld community forever angry at Raven.
They didn't finish Hexenworld because they made Heretic II, another great game. However, they promised a patch with loads of enhancements. They took forever to release it, and when they finally released it, the patch had a crapload of bugs!! Then they took forever to fix it with a few more patches.
Elite Force is the only game they got right! They released the game, a few patches and now the game is perfect.

The problem with Raven is that they don't really stay in touch with the game's community. They stay on the forums until the game is out and leave. Heck, they don't even read the tech support forum. I'm serious, do they? I'm not being a dickhead or anything, but this game has some serious problems mostly with constantly crashing and freezing. I mentioned this on the main forums a while back and I got a response of "Honestly, this is the first I've heard of this problem......send us an email". No offense, but I don't want to email, I think it'd be easier for Raven to should just browse these forums.

Ok, so I may have sounded harsh on some posts and I'm sorry, but I really want this game to stop freezing and crashing. This game freezes at any random time during either single player, multiplayer, or the menu. I have no idea what is causing this, so I can't give any solid explanations to Raven. People from Raven don't have to reply or anything to posts on this forum, just read them. Even if there are flames, Raven should read these forums. Slandering others anonymously is unfortunately a common feature of the internet, but the developers should be patient with this and find ways to fix the problems with the game.

My story is that this game freezes for no reason at any time. The game either performs an illegal operation and crashes or the screen just freezes and I have to reboot. Sometimes the game doesn't even start at all.

My system:
Athlon XP 1.6 Ghz
256 Mb RAM
64 Mb NVidia GeForce 2 MX with suggested 23.11 drivers
DirectX 8.1
Windows 98 SE

A lot of people with similar systems are also having freezing problems too. Freezing is just one issue, there are countless other issues that people have pointed out about the game.

Btw, I'm not whining, so don't start with the replies with " " If everyone knew Raven's history like I do, you would all understand
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