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The kind of scripts he is referring to, Mr. "I'm so witty" Snake, are the kind that execute a given move like the medium finisher (which I find oddly difficult to do reliably), without requiring the actual skill necessary in performing this move. In this case, all it requires is the ability to push ONE button while facing your opponent. Repeatedly. Sure it's easy to avoid and counter if they spam the move, but what if they develop a firing neuron? (something I might advise you to do) What if they only activate it at points you least expect it? Is this skill? Or simply knowing when to push a single button? Similar is the kick script, or the saber lock script, both allowing the user to perform a particular task much faster than is humanly possible, both taking the place of skill.

It is scripts replacing skills and reflexes that he is complaining about, not the presence of scripts themselves.

Please for once read the damned posts before you put your foot in your mouth. It would make you appear smarter.
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