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Read my mind Raven....

dudez, i'm a lazy sob, so i'm not going to read through the thousands of other posts out there....i mean, me read? that's crazy talk! i'd much rather start my own thread and restate what's already been said a thousand times...

so raven (you suck)...just read my mind and fix the game! i mean, i think i know a little more about the game then the people who actually made it (raven suckz!) make the game so i won't complain, remove all the moves i think are cheap (cauz i die all the time, so the game must suck and not me) add in all the features i want (raven you my mind you sickos!) and add in somethin kickazz like a duel lightsaber cuz that would be kewl!

raven (you bunch of suckz) you RUINED the game with 1.03!!!! why did you even make this game! it sucks! i play it all the time, but boy i hate it!! hate it!!! wwwhhhaaaa!!!! hate it! baby wants his bottle!!! baby wants his bottle!!! whhhaaaa!!! whhhaaa!!!
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