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Exclamation Maybe Raven needs to take a look at this...

I dunno man... I think I got around alright in sp with only one saber stance... You could make single saber stance a new gametype. That way, the people who want the new one saber stance only can play it and the people who want all saber stances to be available can have that too. That way, there will be no whining. Whoever wants to complain about DFA's or the backstab can stop whining cuz then, in the single saber stance mode, they will have the same options as the other people so it's not unfair. The people who don't mind about the moves or want to use the various moves can go to the regular gameplay. This would solve everyone's problems and there would no longer be whining on the forums. Whether you are for the single stance mode or not, you have to agree with it. The people who don't like the DFA's and such will have a place to go. The people who are against it will have all the "whiners" out of their way. Think about this. Maybe my idea needs a little adjusting, but that's ok cuz i just thought of it.
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