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Honestly people, I can NOT belive how so many of you can complain about this patch, and blame Raven for stealing money from you, and Im pretty sure that they didnt purposley make a crappy patch, just to piss off everyone who bought, enjoyed, and are fans of the STILL great game. Now i gotta go in these forums and read post after post after postof how "horrible" the game is because of "back-stabs whores" and god forbid people having to hit jump two whole times to do a backflip.
I mean, i dont mean to be a hippocrite and complain about people complaining but people; get over it, when (if) Raven decide to release a add on, or another patch, or expansion pack, i am very sure that they will take into consideration the feed back they get in the forums and e-mails and such and in their best judegement make adjustments to the game, and in the end some of us will be happy. I say SOME of us because im sure there will still be those people who complain about Raven RE-changing the game because they "didnt to Jans hair right" and "...kyle steps funny every 3985 steps he takes on wendsdays and sundays...." because not anything can really be good for some of you, and those people dont belong playing the game..

the only thing that really bothers me is that there is no support for VOODOO graphic cards... : (

and one other thing has been bothering me
does this droid look mad to you....?
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