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Re: Re: hmmm

Originally posted by Tchouky

I ve got that in stock :

set light_side "echo ^4LIGHT SIDE ;bind v force_heal;bind c force_absorb;bind x force_protect;bind capslock force_healother"

set dark_side  "echo ^1DARK SIDE ;bind v +force_drain;bind c +force_grip;bind x +force_lightning;bind capslock force_rage"

set force_cycle1 "vstr light_side;set force_cycle vstr force_cycle2"
set force_cycle2 "vstr dark_side ;set force_cycle vstr force_cycle1"
set force_cycle vstr force_cycle1
bind F3 vstr force_cycle
if you are not too dumb you should figure out how to edit it and changes to your preferencies ....

For the autoexec.cfg, is that all you need in that file? Say, I copy that and past it into a notepad file and name it autoexec.cfg, and place it in the Base folder, then bind a key for it and it will work?

Ya, Im stupid, so lets bypass that fact and answer the question
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