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Dude, STFU! It is in the game! The move is IN THE GAME so stop whining you l00ser.

Uh..LOL! Yeah, well I am kidding, of course. I just wanted to see how stupid I'd feel saying that.

But seriously folks, how can we get rid of the assfighters? Seriously.

A) Taunt them to death?

B) Put down you saber and walk away every time they try to buttrape you?

C) Sidestep again and again untill they give up?

D) Kill them?

None of these seem to do the trick..

A) They usually don't listen. They're too busy backstabbing.

B) Not so fun + they'll just move on stabbing someone else.

C) They are usually to dumb to give up. Since running backwards and hitting the floor with their saber is all they do...why give up? It's not like they would do anything differently anyways.

D) They respawn. Always.

I'd appreciate any hints 'n tips on how to deal with these people.

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