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Name: Nikarn Treylar
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 23
HomeWorld: Coruscant
Appearance: Standing 6'2" Nikarn is an imposing Lieutenant in the Imperial Army. With sparkling blue eyes and jet black hair Nikarn holds himself proudly in a way that accentuates his rank bars and his well muscled form. The example of an Imperial officer with a career ahead of him.
Bio: From an early age Nikarn's parents constantly reinforced how lucky he was to be growing up at the time of the New Order. His father (Evard Treylar) was promoted to company head in place of the disgraced fomer CEO (a bothan) and the resulting money and status meant that a young Nikarn wanted for nothing. His mother (Dorme) saw to it that he received the best possible etiquette instruction, allowing him to more effectively mingle with children in his 'social class'. Mindful of Nikarn's increasingly spoiled and arrogant nature, Nikarn's father hired an off-world Teras Kasii instructor to instill some discipline in the young lad, as well as the capability to defend himself from the occasional Coruscant blue-blood who looked down on the new money. The instructor (Korn Kellaine) did more than just that, providing Nikarn with a drive to excel at everything, especially hand to hand combat. Nikarn's arrogance proved irrepressible however.

A youth member of COMPNOR, Nikarn went to the Imperial Academy at Carida as soon as he came of age. His exceptional fitness, work ethic and noble bearing insured that he graduated top of his class, and in the top 1% in his year, allowing him to choose his placement. Utterly surprising his superiors, Nikarn picked Tatooine, wanting to bring some law to a lawless planet and spread the word of the New Order. If someone tries to stop him, well Nikarn can't wait to show them why he was undefeated in the Academies hand-hand competitions....

(Note: Nikarn demonstrates the typical Imperial flaw: arrogance on a galactic scale, he will not deal well with anyone he believes beneath him. He also always underestimates aliens. He'd probably try and take on a Wookie in hand-hand!)

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