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Originally posted by Luc Solar
Let's pretend for a moment that I know something about saber fighting.


No, really, you have to, this won't work otherwise.

Yes..? Ok, great:

The "medium finisher" sucks. It is slow and relatively hard to execute. It doesn't do that much damage and you couldn't hit a paralyzed, skilless, one-legged, retarded, handicapped, n00b with it even though he is motionless, afk, looking in the wrong direction and with a ping of 900.

I'm not even going to mention the delay after the move. The n00b mentioned above could hack you down with a toothpick during that recovery time.

Btw - have you ever heard of anyone whine about the medium finisher? No? I guess you prove my point then.
Someone runs at you...Use your force pull...Medium Finisher...Victory. It slices downward on an exposed opponent, it serves it's purpose. It allows you to take advantage of a foolish opponent with a cool lookin' move. Also works when I kick someone down.
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