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LOL... what was so violently insulting about my post?
You implied that people who disagreed with you were "insane" or "on crack," among many other slights, in many other threads. You're always quite insulting and immature, IMO. QED.

Spider...I'm sure your comment was due to the post I made in your infamous thread.
Actually it's due to the many posts you've made in many threads all of which do a good job demonstrating exactly how immature and unpleasant you are.

In truth I am one of the more level-headed honest individuals you are likely to meet.
Modest too huh. If you're level-headed I'd hate to meet a really egotistical wacko.

before you get insulted at my posts take a few deep breaths and realize my point of view is as valid as yours.
Before you post, take a few deep breaths and realise that the way to make people take your points seriously is not to throw a tantrum, which is what you always do.

Frankly with your attitude nobody will take you seriously.

"Have a day!" Pfeh.

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