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I don't think anyone got Ep1...looks like everyone just wanted to insult it because it had the horrible actor=kid, and the idiotic charater=jar jar, which was when you think about it, very NECCESSARY to be that way. And the rest everyone just picked up from other movie critics so you would feel like you know what you are talking about. ANYWAY...

Darth Maul had an EXACT purpose to be the way he was. For a character like that, would you like to tell me what should he do? Yell "HEY YOU THERE!!" all the time? Laugh like a Reborn? Or maybe yet, you would do a better perfomance to look as he looked. Odd enough that Lucas didn't pick YOU to act in for him. You people don't seem to get the bigger picture. Only myself and a few priviledged that look at the whole hexology can understand it...

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