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Oh it's great to daydream. I commend you for it, since it's a good perk to have (overactive imagination is a terrific barrier against some things...). Anyway here is the main thing...

Do not fight until the referee ignites his lightsaber
That's ok, but really unnecessary, and limits the matches to a FFA since there can be only 2 people in a Duel. Which means you play on BIG maps...and that is non-sensable because it's a 1v1....

No Force allowed
Uhm, sure ok

If you are killed, you lose (obviously)
This a rule?

If you touch an area outside of the arena, you lose.
Why not make a big map on a high altitude so if you cross the line you FALL? (and there are some maps like that)

Kicking IS allowed
Bad idea, first it contradicts the no-force rule, and secondly, you have kick whores that just kick and don't even try to hit you with a lightsabre. So basically if you're gonna enforce the no-force rule, then I suggest you delete the kick aspects...

If you deactivate your saber during a fight you lose (as it as seen as forfeit)
Why? Any deactivation of the sabre means that you probably want to say something, or you need to be afk for a moment. The rule is doing nothing but intruding the space of the rules.

Now from here I would give the 1 backstab rule, which means you are allowed to backstab only once in a match (counting it as an accident). That removes the backstab whores.

That's pretty much of what I can think of now, I'm sleepy and wanna go sleep hehe......

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