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Hi everybody!

About a sequel of "The Dig"...
Well, I had an idea about the story.

This it is:
10 years after Boston, Ludger and Maggie comeback to our planet, the sphere of Spacetime 6 was growing up and was totally uncontrolable. It quickly gobbled a half Cocytus. The cocytans couldnīt escape from it, they went to Spacetime 6 again, and when they wanted to comeback to Cocytus, they discovered that Spacetime 6 was different, and now all the cocitans were all lost, except one. This guy named Shutsom, was visiting the Earth at the moment of the disaster. When he cameback to Cocytus, he saw the terrific sphere of Spacetime 6. He went to the Earth again and explained what was happening. In the Earth, a rescue mission was created. Boston Low, Ludger Brink, and Maggie Robbins, and Shutsom participated in this mission, they're the most experienced for explore the new Spacetime 6. Four days later, they departure to Yelmo, one of the moons of Cocytus, because Cocytus was now the worst place to stay. There a small base was build up, and when Shutsom was sending a robot to explore, Spacetime 6 disappeared. Boston and the others went to Cocytus, but... there wasnīt any life form. Boston discovered that the Eye was empty. What was happening? And how could Boston bring the cocytans back to the real world? Suddenly, a gohst appeared, and told the team that the sphere of Spacetime 6 was on Redmo, the other moon of Cocytus. Boston and the others went to Redmo. Shutsom send the robot into Spacetime 6. The robot send to Shutsom no image, map, or anything. It was like the robot was turned off. It never returned. Shutsom couldn't support all of this, and he went to Spacetime 6. Boston ant the others waited for him twelve hours, and Boston went to Spacetime 6. Low found everybody again and could comeback to Redmo. Low was the onlyone who can comback from Spacetime 6. Why? Because the humans had a stronger mind than the cocytans'. Later, the cocytans thanked all and destroyed the sphere of Spacetime 6 forever.

It's cool, isn't it?

And what if a fan makes a PREQUEL of "The Dig"?

Sorry for my poor english
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