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Originally posted by Kurgan
Unfortunately, this is how it is.

Many people who play online games:

1) Hate to lose.

2) Hate to learn new things once they are set in their ways (it takes time and effort after all).

3) Hate to admit that there are others out there that might be more experienced, or simply more skilled than they are.

So as a result, when you get a few kills on somebody or really mop the floor with them, instead of saying "good game" and trying to improve and learn from their mistakes that allowed them to lose, they'll complain about lag, or make some other excuse like that you were cheating or using some unbeatable script, or just insult the game mechanics and say a power is "cheap" or "unstoppable."

Most of the time, people simply don't know the counters to things or haven't mastered the timing of various attacks or weapons or powers, and this deficiency they blame on the game or the other player and call them "lame." This is silly.
Kurgan nailed it perfectly, right square on the head.
Print that out, have it bronzed and hang it right above your monitors.
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