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Post My faith has been restored (somewhat)...

I just spent 3 hours playing on my server and had the best group of ppl playing!. Spamming, whoring and general lameness was extremely rare and when some lamer did join, the players promptly kicked them! was great!...(saved me the trouble). This was on a full force server too!. Hardly anyone used force..there was no pull/backstab/sweep spamming, no lightining was just awesome.

I only had to boot one person the entire time...overall about 4 ppl got the boot.

Not only was everyone a good sport, but there were some giving instruction to new players and others as well. What a beautiful sight.

Even though new players came and went...the vast majority were all of like mind and more interested in fighting well than winning. Ah...the good old days.

If any of you read this and were playing the server at the time (my avatar is Muerte) Thanks a bunch for creating one of the more memorable game experiences in recent memory! You are all welcome to come back anytime!

My faith in this game (and the existence of decent players) has been elevated.
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