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1. your definition of morality applies to what i said. this game gives you a pat on the back and a gold star for kills, ie killing is a virtue.
2. afk killing is stupid for one reason. if you are going to be afk, then you shouldnt be in the game. there is a spectate mode. you dont have a character that stays in the game, dying over and over again when you are at job or school. if you are afk, thats trust in everyone else, and you dont have any room to complain.
3. if a game scored points off bowing and loving one another, i wouldnt buy it or play it.
4. If playing honorable is in no way synonomous with winning, then you are playing a dirty game.
5. You can make your own server with your own rules.
6. You dont have to play with people who are bastards. This is always true.
7. you can vote people out or leave at any time.
8. If playing does not involve winning and loosing, then it is not a game.
9. If bastardrey equates to winning (and that is a sad thing), then superior bastardrey is the goal.
10. If 9 is true (which i dont think is the case with jk2), and you dont want to play a game with bastards, then whatever your playing is not a game.

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