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What ya think about JK2 Force powers ???


I think they should be like this:


Neutral force powers


---- Force jump ----
Should work just like it does but:

-Level 1 = 3x normal jump
-Level 2 = 6x normal jump
-Level 3 = 9x normal jump

---- Force speed ----
Should work just like it does

---- Force push ----
Should work just like it does but it
should work same way in MP as it works
in SP

-Level 1 = Knocks down multiple enemies
-Level 2 = also pushes them back
-Level 3 = and also make damage if
push targets agains solid objects..

---- Force pull ----
Should work just like it does but it
should work same way in MP as it works
in SP

-Level 1 = Single object/Single enemy
-Level 2 = And weapon out of enemy hands
-Level 3 = multiple enemies (but only
single object)

---- Mind control ----
Only works for weak minded...) there should
be active side and passive side in this force

-Level 1 = Only passive force. You can't
distract enemies but if they use mindtrick
to you you can still see them but they are
translucent and faltering (sometimes you
can see them clearly but sometimes
almost not at all...)

-Level 2 = Passive and active force. You can
distract enemies for 10 seconds and your mind
is also stronger (you can see more clearly
others when they try to distract you)

-Level 3 = Passive and active force. you can
distract enemies for 20 seconds and your mind
is very strong (enemies can't distract you at
all anymore)

---- Saber-Defence ----
Should work just like it does

---- Saber-Offense ----
Should work just like it does but Strong saber
mode should be different

-Strong = Slow/Strong and able to penetrate
defences but "attack slash speed" shouldn't
be slow-motion but there should be small
pause between defence state and that
actual strike


Dark side force powers


---- Saber throw ----
Saber throw is active force attack so it should
be dark side power instead of neutral and it
should be a bit different

-Level 1 = Saber flies out straight and then falls
to the ground

-Level 2 = Saber flies out straight and then returns
to your hand

-Level 3 = Like level 2 but you can control it a
little (but only a little)

---- Force grip ----
Should work same way as it works in SP in both
MP and SP (without that stupid red hand...) and
level 3 should be a bit different also force push
should protect again force grip much better

-Level 3 = You can't move him but you can look away
and if you have force push power you can use it at
the same time with level 3 force grip

---- Force lightning ----
You should be able to attack against only one target
at the time

Lightning will knock down your enemy and push it
away also making a little bit of damage at the
same time and this effect remains 1-3 seconds
after you stop firing

(as long as you take lightning damage you can't
move or shoot)

Level 1 = Quick (single shot) which fire straight

Level 2 = Fires continuously (can continue only
as long as enemy is targeted)

Level 3 = No need to aim enemy just needs to be
with in range in front of you...

---- Force dark rage ----
Should be a bit different too...

Dark rage should make you move with level 3
force speed and saber mode should be locked
to normal but those attacks should make
same damage what strong does

all other force powers should be disabled

All attack agains you should make only 50%

but like normally you health will dimish and
you can't pick up any more and when it reaches
zero you go to recovery state...


Light side force powers


---- Force heal ----
Quite much like it is in SP (but there should
be no health point limit only your force pool
should be limit)

Level 1 = you must stop to meditate... slow

Level 2 = You can move but not attack... med.

Level 3 = You can move and attack but if
you take damage healing will still be
aborted... fast

---- Force heal other----
Quite much like force heal but it doesn't heal
you but some other guy you are targeting

---- Force absorb ----
Only purpose for force absorb should be that it
is counterforce again force lightning and in any
case it should be quite much different
(passive and active power...)

Level 1 = Only passive you can't absorb force
lightning but if you are attacked from front of
you then you can block it with lightsaber and
that way remain undamaged

Level 2 = Only passive if you are attacked from
front of you then you will automatically block
that force lightning with your left hand and
absorb its energy

Level 3 = Like level 2 but also active force..
when you are attacked and your left hand will
receive it you can use active absorb and hook
into enemy force pool and keep absorbing even
if he stop attacking as long as enemy is in
front of you and with in range

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