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Ya, it's doable...I built a script to do it last night. I tested it against the bots and it works, but not always (about 75% of the time, it always does the job, but somtimes misses). cl_yawspeed 1000 with a 2 waits and a +right. You can do the 180 turn on a dime and start the slash. Although, at that speed I could probaby be seen turning. If it was boosted to 5000-10000 i would probalby turn invisibly. I combined the script with the pulldown. So you just stand in front of the guy, hit the key, he falls to the ground, you turn around and do the key death. You just hit it and hold for half a second while someone is with 7 feet of you.....Gawd they gotta fix that!! I am not going to release the script, nor will I use it against people, so don't complain, and don't ask. I only built it to experiment.

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