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My idea about Dual Sabers and Double Sided sabers

Here is my idea on how we can have double sided sabers and dual sabers. It probably has been said before, but I don’t have enough time to read ALL those posts, so sorry if this is wasting your time if this has been discussed before. Anyway, like in star wars galaxies, it has been announced that wielding a double saber would be more difficult then one regular sabers, or maybe even 2 regular sabers. Thus if the server is enabling force powers it could be made more difficult to double wield them…this is how. You know when you configure your force powers you can change around saber defense/offense/throw. Well double sabers should take more 'force points’ and maybe even an extra skill, throwing should not be allowed with a doubled sided saber etc. There are tons of variations to balance this issue, and we all know we need the duel wielding, and double bladed sabers.

Duel sabers should not be able to use the force as efficiently for the simple reason that they have no free hand, while double-sided sabers should be limited cuz one hand and has to let go, or they are weaker by just using a double saber single handedly...possibilities are endless. Lets hear your ideas.
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