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The thing is when he did it he spun around and did the move three times without missing a beat! Looked like an audition for a frickin ballet. Wassup with that? Is that a scripted thing he did?
i wouldn't necessarily call that a script. either he has a really high sensitivity that enables him to spin really fast like that, or his sens is low while dueling, and when its time to use that move, he probably has a button bound to /sensitivity 30 or something. Using scripts and using binds are totally different things. well not totally different, but i hope the majority of you get what i'm trying to say. call it lame, call it queer, but it comes down to just one cvar.

Now JK2 isn't supposed to be like that. You want a Jedi Simulator that's incredibly realistic to the movie's fighting: go create one. Raven wanted to create a fun arcade game, nothing more nothing less.
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A form of wit that is marked by the use of sarcastic language and is intended to make its victim the butt of contempt or ridicule
Lasers should do no more damage than a wooden spoon! I am ready to get a petition together for this - who's with me!
Ok, lemmie get this straight...We should play a game, called JEDI KNIGHT, that uses lightsabers intended to do as much harm as a baseball bat? c'mon! they're lightsabers! They're supposed to do damage in one kill. That is, if the other saber isn't deflected or blocked. And i know...i know....There are one hit kills that are easily exploited and spammed and used far too much that cannot be blocked. But just think about it...what would the game be like if there weren't one hit kills? and the saber strength was reduced to that of a baseball bat? it would be pretty boring. And the sad thing is, people would still bitch about it. Raven did make a fun game. It has its flaws, but its still fun to play.
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