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Best and Worst levels in Jediknightii.. *spoilers*

Best level:
Bespin, Jedi Academy

Bespin was a great level, it reminded you of places vader and luke fought, and showed me how vader got from the one room to the other. It really looks like Bespin and I just cant stop playing this level.

The jedi academy level qwas neat, showing you what it all looked like and watch the jedis train, pretty sweet.

Worst Level:
Narr Shadda

It looks nothing like the city besides the darkness and space. Its a lot better than jediknight's version of it but you dont go through buildings like a maze, it should have been like breaking into buildings, each skyscrapper was something like a store or place too eat. They deffiantly needed NPCS in this level, NPCS who were just people walking around or in buidlings or on the ground.

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