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Just one thing we should all think about: One hit kills add more realism to the game, that's true,

BUT does that added realism mean it's gonna be more fun?

I say no, because one hit kill moves in a game are usually crap. Just look at the DFA, the majority of people complained about it, and Raven took it out. Now that's fine, but now they added another 1 hit kill move, the backstab, and now most people are complaining about that move.

Does adding more 1 hit kill moves, just because it's more "like the movies" or more realistic, solve the problem and make the game more fun?
No, because most players are against one hit kill moves. (just look at the most complaints about the patches:
1.02: DFA move (Raven responded and tweaked the DFA)
1.03: people running backwards spamming that backstab

both 1 hit kill moves, both not fun.

Like I said before:
We should step down from the "more realism is better" point of view. We should concentrate on a way to combine a bit of realism and fun/action/arcade together. But the main focus should be on the fun/action/arcade part, because this is a game. It's supposed to be fun.

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