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i'm not saying make the game more like the movies and add a bunch of 1 hit kills that are "realistic" that people can spam over and over again. I was merely pointing out the fact that a lightsaber is a lightsaber. it cuts things. it melts things. If it were real, it would most likely kill in one swing. though the game as it stands now isn't fun for you, its fun for me, and lots of other people, dispite all the whining that goes on. Removing the DFA was good. Cause frankly i was tired of running up and trying to kill and then see the guy do a 180 with his saber buried and kill me like that. I don't know what raven was thinking when they beefed up the backstab but, oh well. I don't care really. The only thing thats funny about that move is how the saber doesn't have to be touching you in order to kill. its happened to me sometimes, and i've even done it myself on accident. but i'll do the backstab, and the guy will come at me on the other side and just get taken out. but, whatever, i'm straying a bit off topic here.
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