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Originally posted by GooglyMoogly

In my opinion this is the way the game should be played...I guess you had to be there.

You see...when you log on to my server it states:

Saber Off = Peace, Play FAIR, No Spam

So if someone joined and didn't want to follow those rules they should have left, in fact one did leave on his own.

I'm sorry you see it that way Kal.
I won't try to explain. You pretty much say it all. Sure you are allowed to do it, but is it right or not, heh well, it's your call since you're hosting...

Especially because if you say like I have today in numerous games "nfnknbnt" or any of the chosen, everyone gladly goes by them. The ones that don't, well I am always sorry, but I always pull/backstab them. I don't like it, but that's how they choose to play. I hope you get what I'm aiming at here.

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