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Mmmm, I love finishers, they mean I can hit the guys exposed area with little or no risk. So far I've only come across one guy who I would say was a skilled one hit killer. He used some interesting combinations that threw me off.

The trouble is that you can learn all of those combinations and how to avoid them after one or two tries. If someone beats me twice in the same night with the same finisher, I am really dissapointed with myself, or impressed with his impressive skills.

As for your suggesting that Heavy stance required the most skill prepatch I would disagree. Light Stance did--I never saw anyone with enough skill to make it work . Post-patch it's similar but more close to balanced. Medium and heavy are still the chosen stances for most of the best players, but light stancers are making their mark.

DFA - I do not know why you saying MOST people think it was crap. A more accurate answer would be MOST people on these FORUMS think it's crap. Think about it, why do people come to these forums anyways? I can tell you that the majority will say that they have something to complain about.
I wish they had left it like it was pre-patch, just fixed the little collision bug and let that be that. Now it's rare that people use it and I get to hit their exposed backs

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