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posted by: Methos
i've noticed since the patch that unless you're using heavy stance you've got a snow ball's chance of getting very many kills against someone else esp. someone using h. stance. i dont know how many times using yellow that i've backed a red user into a corner and unleashed hell on their ass only to have them stand there and kill me with a handfull of hits. the whole stance system is out of whack. what i propose is very simple and believe it will solve everyones gripes about the subject.
I disagree...
Red stance sure is a damn good stance... but the other stances rock to, in their own ways...
And Red stance also costs you quite a lot of force power points... (full Saber Attack gives Red Stance).
Anyways, i only use Yellow and Blue stances and i obliterate anyone with red stance...
When they strike, walk to the right/left of them and stab em in the side, they cant do any backward killer moves cause u aint behind them and you can do quite some damage (untill they catch on, if they do so in time).
Yellow stance has a couple of very usefull and cool moves, first of all the spin (heavy damage, somewhat slow speed though) and secondly the flying/stabbing move which is an instant kill (hard to do, but when you've mastered it, you're unstoppable).
Blue stance has the forward lunge (great damage, though easily dodgeable) the AERIAL forward lunge (less expected and thus more deadly) and the backstab (instant kill and the ability to turn it around with the instant kill damage!, do i need to say more?)..
Red has to counter with the slow backspin (INSTANT kill), the DFA (INSTANT kill), normal swipe (pretty heavy damage) and probeply a couple of other moves :P

In short, every move can hold its own, as long as you practice... afcourse it gives an advantage when you have a training partner (my co-leader of DJM) to train with on special moves and simple fighting in a booked server for example...
Anyways, master the good techniques of your favo mode(s) and you'll be able to beat all modes..
(Besides, Red is way easy to beat, especially when force is on and you have speed... just speed your way around with light mode and keep tolling around him and slashing in on him till he dies (WAY EFFECTIVE)).
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