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im sure if they bowed, it would have been alright
Oh absolutely. Because even if you do nothing but run away and wave your sabre aimlessly around in Light Stance the entire game, as long as you squat like a constipated warthog and nod your head up and down like a buffoon beforehand, it makes it all alright.

Frankly, I agree with Nathan's earlier statements... it was self-righteous know-nothing fools who ruined the game for everyone else by utterly confounding FFA and CTF modes, at least they were allowed to through the "wisdom" of Raven...

But that's the world these days. Workers are less and less skilled at their jobs, and employers like it that way. Casinos are using mechanical constant shuffling devices so that people with enough brains to count cards in their head can no longer do so...

People with ANY sort of skill at all are frowned upon these days. And it's the same in games. CS, Tribes 2, JO... and many more, have been ruined because game developers want to keep the vocal newbies happy, because serious and skilled players are too rare a commodity to bother with. Welcome to the future, I hope you all enjoy your stay.

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