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We can accept it in real life. But we play games to escape from the world every once in a while.
Listen friend, if you play games to "escape from the world" then... you're probably not alone, but if I were you I'd get out more. I play games for the CONTEST. It's an ARENA, in which the rules are fixed.

Someone said earlier in this thread that 'if you're just in it for the score, you may as well hack the game,' as if that were the same thing. Hacking the game is breaking the rules and therefore it makes the playing field uneven. The whole point of a game is to hone and demonstrate your skills by winning, but in a level playing field.

This is a game, a contest, a piece of exciting diversion. It's SO up to people if they want to pretend to be real Jedi, bow (squat constipatedly) before duels, rant about how the sabre is "teH onlaAY ohnorable WEAAOPN!!!1" or whatever. But the fact remains the game is a game, a contest and a playing field on which one pits one's skills against other human opponents. It's a game of skill, it's about skill, and winning the game.

1.03 has ruined the game for serious competitors, and whether they know it or not, it's taken a lot away from everyone who plays the game.

1.03 has introduced many cheap moves. For example the pull/backswing combo is a one-hit-kill, when it wasn't before the patch, because it now hits several times in a single strike causing maximum damage, whereas pre-patch the first hit moved the opponent a short distance away from the backswinger, meaning further damage was impossible unless the opponent was prone and/or backed right into a corner.

The force powers are now imbalanced, lightsiders like myself reign supreme while darksiders may as well be flicking navel lint at us.

To quote one of my old friends: "It's all gone pear-shaped."

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