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Honestly, I like the slower style of play. And not because I prefer headless chicken action. It's because I like a thought out battle. I like to have to wait for openings and time my moves
Well many people could wait for openings and time their moves... before the patch. And the sabre changes are only one aspect of it. Guns, which you suggest people use, have had their ammo cost increased, therefore more campers abound and the entire game is really a bullet-hunt for gunners. As for FFA sabre fights, well why bother in a mass-blocking group. One backswing does for the lot of em. Play's been severely shrunken and crippled by 1.03... AAgh it's so darn sad! It should have been the greatest competitive game ever... it looked like it might have been... but then the one-month-miracle-patch appeared. Save us from it.

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