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What this game needs -- MODS

Well, I've reached the conclusion that this game, with blocking, without blocking, etc. is gettin' old. It's the same crap over and over. People find a special move and spam it. FFA is just the same old deathmatch again and again.

CTF isn't much better because the maps are kinda boring. CTY nobody plays. Duel is ok, but waiting around on a server for duels to end is kind of boring.

So, I think what we need to rejuvenate the game is some good mods. And what will make THAT happen is if Raven releases the source code. I don't mean a graphical SDK. That's helpful for giving us new maps and skins and such, but it doesn't do much for giving us new game modes.

So, anyone have any mod suggestions? I've got a few ideas here.

1.) Class based action

I posted something on here a while ago saying that we should have some class based team mods. It'd be kind of like Mercs vs. Jedi, but have a few more classes and let the teams have a mix of classes.

2.) Style points

A mod that would award points to people for, say, NOT using the same move five times in a row. The more you varied your moves in the game, the more points you'd get. Not sure how exactly that'd work, but it'd be cool to actually award points to someone who actually had skill and didn't spam one move over and over. You could do the same thing with defense. The longer you could hold off a guy, and the more back and forth there was in the game, the more points both of you would get. If you got your ass kicked too quickly, you wouldn't get any points, and the other guy would still get a kill, but if both of you took a while, you'd get style points. Just a thought.

Anyway, post your mod suggestions here. Maybe someone will make one of 'em.
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