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Nevermind. I found it.
Read this to get an idea of the whole message.
The kid was making fun and being very sarcastic.
If you want to quote me, I'll join in with you.
Originally posted by DannyJAllTheWay
Right, right. Heavy's sweet. All skilled people use it. I give up. This is pointless. I don't base people on their rank on the site. I just thought that it was funny how you were making fun of some people. So I exploited, what would be considered, a flaw of yours in order to defend those people. Anyhow, I don't mind heavy all that much. It's just when people abuse it by spamming is when I get angered. Anyhow, I'm off. Not to return to another post about this sorta thing.
I say that I don't base people on their reank on the site and I tell you why I justified what I said. He started making fun of some people so I defended those people and myself. There you go. CONTEXT HELPS. I got an idea. Let's quote someone with out showing the context in which he said the quote.
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