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Hrmmm.... Sweet! What's the rest of the post say? Why not give us a link to the post where I said that? Why not? Please, do tell me why. You went digging through the forums to find that post. Show us the context in which I said that. Didn't I also say that I don't judge people on their number of posts? Why not show us the context in which I said it? Please provide a link to show us where you quoted me from.
What the rest of the post says is pointless. The context adds nothing. FYI I didn't go digging for anything, I had happened to read that thread just before this one. Why don't you stop making hypocritical remarks so I don't have to quote what you say.

don't base people on their rank on the site. I just thought that it was funny how you were making fun of some people. So I exploited, what would be considered, a flaw of yours in order to defend those people.
There you go again. You consider it a flaw that he has a low post count? I guess that makes me better than you

Post count doesn't matter!!! Someone can make an intelligent and well thought out post on their first visit to this forum. You SAY you understand that, but then you say things to contradict that.

Contradict people on the merit of their points, not on the number of posts they've made, or attack them for having low post counts, but don't attack people who do the same.

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