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Ok buddy, "Kal El" wow, first off...reference to superman I could probably write a novel on his gayness, second I've never bashed someone on these forums, but the fact that your "superman" is so gay...superman is the worst superhero ever, sweet, find that RARE meteoroit and you can hurt me! other than that I am invincible, god what balless fag, at least spiderman and the other super hero's are brave and aren't gay like FAGGOT MAN, sorry if some people are "n00bs" at least they aren't ****ing gay like superfag
Hey, just because you don't like =SSC=Kal-El is no reason to go dissing my homie Superman. He gets it handed to him from time to time, and faces some serrrrrrious s***.

The dude is as brave as any Superhero. I mean, he's willing to stand toe to toe with Batman, who has beaten the crap out of Supes more than once...

Vestril was here!!!!!!!!!
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