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Originally posted by DannyJAllTheWay
Yeah. Fine, I'll judge you not by your post number(which I already said multiple time that I wouldn't) and judge you by your location, "your daughter's bedroom". You are really starting to upset me. You defend Superman even though he was making fun of someone for no reason and you attack me when I defend the person that Superman was making fun of. What is you deal?
I am not defending him, I'm attacking you for being a hypocrite. You have said that you do not judge based on post count, but then you have said things like:

Maybe that's why YOU, who is so quick to make fun, are Bantha Fodder
So I exploited, what would be considered, a flaw of yours in order to defend those people.
(the flaw being refered to is his low post count)

These statements suggest that you actually consider post count to be important. This suggests that you are a hypocrite.

Yes, he was being a dickhead--good for him, I don't feel like responding to that. You, on the other hand, were claiming to be some enlightened defender of the 'n00bs' or something, while attacking people over their low post counts in other threads. I felt like responding to that.

As to my location, do you know what a Rapscallion is?...ugh

Vestril was here!!!!!!!!!
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