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Sorry, but I have to join in with the people who hijacked your thread. You have a Jedi Master server and no one uses force? That sucks! If you don't want force to be used, take it away or lower the force level -- and/or disable the light/dark powers or something. I played one game on the Oasis v2 map with this guy who kept calling me a n00b because I kept pulling his gun and killing him with it -- hello, he's the one dying and I'm not, I'm simply using the tools available to me and he's failing to counter it or respond in kind.

I hardly ever play Dark Side, but if I did you can surely bet I would be hitting those Drain and Lightning hotkeys whenever the opportunity arose. This is a battle, so you must either kill me first with your own dark side powers or defend yourself with the light side and counterattack. That said, I mostly use Absorb and Heal and I hardly ever get killed by "lightning spam." In fact I love lightning spam, it means I can fill up my force meter. If you're dark side, just drain -- heal the damage already done and remove his capacity to use more lightning, not to mention the possibility of Grip or just using lightning yourself.

When this system of attack and counter-attack is actually used, it adds another level of tactics to the game, in addition to the actual saber and gun combat that will have to take place before someone actually dies.

Yes, I think some aspects of the force system right now are broken -- pull/backstab is just ridiculous, and virtually no one is going to pick Protection or Mind Trick over Heal and Absorb in a regular gameplay situation. But on the whole I don't see why so many people complain about using the Force in a Force-enabled server in a game called JEDI Outcast.

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