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I didn't like the Cairn Dock, where you had to sneak through. Not because of difficulty (a level 4 Mind Trick and a long fall are all I needed for that level, heheh), but because it just seemed like they threw it in. Here we have Kyle blasting his way through the rest of Cairn, killing at least twice as many Stormtroopers and other Imperial slime, and here he decides to finally sneak around? That doesn't make sense. Of all the places to sneak, I would've thought you'd do that in the Doomgiver's detention area.

I also didn't like Nar Shaddaa: for a wretched hive of scum and villainy, it was awfully clean and awfully empty. No graffiti, flashing neon lights, or posters or anything, just random, armed scum. Nothing like the original Dark Forces. That Nar Shaddaa was fun: you could see anti-Rebellion posters, flashing lights, and graffiti in addiction to the random armed scum—ahhh, a Star Wars Las Vegas.

Ah, maybe we were in the "Nohing Except One Bar Where All Patrons Must Hate Jedi" district of Nar Shaddaa.

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