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Originally posted by DannyJAllTheWay
I understand that people keep whining on the forums about all these things. No one will ever get the game they way that they want it. Raven can't please everyone. Try adjusting to the game cuz it's not always going to be the way you like it. I'm not trying to be mean or anything. I guess I'm giving you some suggestions so that you can actually have fun with the game. Just adapt to the way the game is. Why do you guys think that raven made an update? Cuz of the whining in the forums and all the feedback they got. Whether you like it or not, live with the patch. You made it.
We made it? I know I certainly didn't. The only thing I can really recall complaining about pre-patch is the buggy collision detection of DFA.

Raven can't please everyone? I agree, the best they can do is try to get a decent game out there, well balanced and promoting good gameplay. Unfortunately they released a patch that seemed to take all of the suggestions, and left the gameplay differently imbalanced, and more imbalanced at that.

I personally believe that this was probably Lucasarts' fault--I suspect they rushed Raven to get the patch out to quiet the masses, and Raven was forced to release a sub par patch. I've come to this conclusion after having considered Raven's reputation (good) and Lucasarts' reputation (not so good), and after having read some emails from the programmers to some friends.

I did not make this patch, though I can't speak for everyone who posted here. It's difficult to categorize the people who caused this patch, most of the people here whined about tactics that they couldn't adapt to, tactics that weren't really imbalances, but actually just more difficult to counter. I suspect Raven, in it's rushed timetables for releasing both game and patch, didn't get very much testing done, and therefore did not have the expert opinions they needed to pull off a patch that addressed the problems to the correct degree. It's easy to blame the people of the forums, but their ill-considered opinions should not have had as much of an effect as they did.

Dude... If someone bows, bow back. Not hard. Rather run at the kid with his lightsaber not even out and attack him? You have talent if you kill him that way I guess.
I bow, I think it's a symbol of respect, and I think people in general deserve my respect. I don't bother bowing if they do something that causes me to lose respect, but I never attack someone while they try to show me that respect, let me say that straight off.

Some people, however, do not feel the need to bow--they see it as pointless posturing, and to impose my opinion on these people is wrong. Other people, people such as yourself think, for some odd reason, that it is your right to be bowed to, that if the other person doesn't bow they are doing something horribly wrong, and deserve your anger. If that person beats you, I bet it pisses you off even more.

Sometimes, people like yourself, get angry, and call the person that didn't bow, and beat them, a 'lamer' or a 'n00b' and call a vote and get the person kicked, because most people on servers are sheep, and will listen to the angriest voice.

After that, the people who don't bow feel a certain annoyance towards people who do, and they sometimes do silly things like attack when they bow. They are behaving like idiots, obviously.

My point is that your attitude of 'people must bow' is what breeds most of this contempt. I'm sure that you personally have never callvote kicked someone, that you would never commit such an atrocity--I'm just saying that you should be more open-minded, and accept that some people don't feel the need to bow.

I personally always keep an eye on the other person, and am ready to sidestep and attack if need be--as I think any skilled player would. Personally I think if someone leaps across the map and hits you, you probably didn't stand much of a chance anyway...

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