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Originally posted by Charles
He did the right thing. his sever he can do what he wants. Sad thing is the pull/backstab people are the no skill newbs who flame people on here. Yes all the skill people has went to the no force sever. and when you flame nf severs you just upset cause you get owned there without your backstab crap. *hads you a tissue* go cry else where
I'm sorry, were you addressing me personally? I've never done a backstab in this game at all... as for a pull/backstab, I only play on Force servers on very rare occasions, I generally play NF Servers, and I do pretty well for myself. Last time I checked I had a 70% Skill ration on the Darkside servers, which is decent. I don't spam moves, either. I'm just saying that kicking people because you don't like how they play the game is pretty crappy.

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