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As someone who regularly gets kicked out of games for move spamming (I spam about 10 different moves. If no one is clever enough to counter them, why stop? I have fun. Moves include gun spamming, force spamming, etc. I figure if one is spamming 10 different moves, is it still spamming? apparently so), and generally being a prick (if I'm winning, I gloat a lot and call people names, because it's really no fun to win if you don't get to do that. If I'm losing I hassle them for spamming something because everyone else get's to do it to me. Hell, why not, I'm guarunteed the right to free speach.) I feel I must contribute to this thread by saying that it really hurts to get kicked out of a game.

What I see here is a ideological conflict. In dispute is "fun". One person's idea of fun directly conflicts with another's and only one person may have fun as a result. This community has yet to find a clever way to resolve such a conflict.

One problem is that neither party is in the wrong. Both parties have paid equal ammounts for the game and should have equal access to PUBLIC servers to play within the rules that were integrated into the game. So, who get's to stay and who should go?

The only answer is that both parties are equally entitled to stay. To kick a player who hasn't violated a written rule on a server would be a selfish display of arrogance. If you cannot manage to have fun with this wonderful game, I recommend finding some other hobby. Perhaps knitting.


PS-stupid server rules can be very easy to misinterpret. I recommend using the rules that are INTEGRATED INTO THE ****ING GAME. That way, there is no confusion.
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