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Originally posted by jedialphaknight
Ok buddy, "Kal El" wow, first off...reference to superman I could probably write a novel on his gayness, second I've never bashed someone on these forums, but the fact that your "superman" is so gay...superman is the worst superhero ever, sweet, find that RARE meteoroit and you can hurt me! other than that I am invincible, god what balless fag, at least spiderman and the other super hero's are brave and aren't gay like FAGGOT MAN, sorry if some people are "n00bs" at least they aren't ****ing gay like superfag
WHY THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT SUPERMAN?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR BRAIN?! Do you KNOW what this post is about, or do you just go searching around the forums for references to superman so you can explain how "gay" he is? I seriously wonder about the fate of mankind if there are people like you, with such limited capacity, pretending to be able to bash two brain cells together and concieve a relevant thought!

Raven: Please make a patch that doesnt allow retards to play JK so we dont have people with some psycotic prejudice agianst superman trying to sound intellegent. Please.
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