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how bout this: You buy a kick ass car with a monster of an engine. After a while you discover the various quirks with the engine that need to be fixed. You take the car in to where you bought it and they say "no problem, come back tomorrow." After getting your car back, you realize to fix the problem they took that monster engine and took out some stuff and reduced the horsepower by half. You really gonna bend over and say "thank you sir, may I have some more?"

It was never the moves themselves that were the problem all by themselves. It was the ppl that abused them. I never had a problem killing ppl who dfa'd or backstabbed or anything else because there were strategies to counter all of these. Yes there were some things that needed to be addressed but they went a little too far with it I think. tweaking a little would have been good but totally changing the pace of the game might not have been such a good idea.

I like what they did with the way saber duels are, but the damage needs upping a little bit. I mean really, the sabers now have the damage properties of butter knives now. This makes the game a little too fogiving of mistakes i think. I have made mistakes that should have cost me the match and all i got was a scratch. Same with ppl I have faced off against. Anyway thats one thing off the top of my head. I think a happy medium between 1.02 and 1.03 (the best things from each) and some bug fixes would be ideal. Lets give Raven a chance to prove themselves here I mean we are all entitled to mistakes and not everything from 1.03 patch was a mistake anyway.
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