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Meh, sabering is the best part of the game. Course, I do go to saber only servers because I prefer to fight in an enviroment that is strictly lightsaber combat. It can take alot of skill to go head to head with lightsabers though, so we're not all no skill "noo|3s", as you say. It's a bitch to avoid the DFA and backstab spammers, but if you don't think there are ways to get around these faggots then I question who is lacking skills.

Meh, no need really for me to take as much offense as I am over this post I guess, after all I'm not one of the ones going to your weapons servers and using my lightsaber. But aren't there weapons-only servers out there too? Or just go play damned Quake or something instead. I guess I can sorta understand your frustrations over it, the few times I've gone to the servers with weapons I've noticed most weapons shots get deflected by the saber-wielders. I say whip out the rocket or the secondary fire of the repeater rifle, let them bastards try and deflect that
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